Lunacraft goes technical!

September 9, 2012
Lunacraft is now back only more technical. We are now hosting a tekkit server.
Join us now using Tekkit found at
Join the fun online with all our buddies and old friends :D
Welcome home.
The Lunacraft Team


April 28, 2012
We got the server back! only that it is a Dedicated server for now. Untill we have the money we will be dedicated. So help and donate or buy stuff in the shop and get a 24/7 server!
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November 19, 2011
Dear Players of Lunacraft,
I have bad news to tell all players... as we had some problems with one of our buyers we lost more than $200
this caused us to go into negative.
Please help us pay the next month... and keep the server up
we pay $25 for one month so please 
Thank you A LOT

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Problems gone :D

October 14, 2011
The server is back up and running :D
Come online and join new faction as the faction where cleared by this bug.
Anyway have fun and the server is turing very fun again.
Cya online
The Server Team

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Problems :(

October 13, 2011
we are having some plugin related problems.
hopefuly this will soon be done and then players can join again.
thanks for the waiting
The Server Team

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Server Change

October 1, 2011
We are done (a longer time ago :P)
sorry we didnt let you know we had a lot to do.
we are still working on some stuff as we hope that we soon have new ranks like angel, demon, iron,gold,diamond and most important NINJA!
hope to see you online soon 
 The Server Team

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Grief Party

September 29, 2011
we are changing world so BLOW UP THE OLD ONE!
(we have a back up incase)
**safe zone wont blow up** **just to let you know**
Have fun
The Server Team

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September 9, 2011
The strange balls are Luna-Planets.
Go to the weird ball at spawn to teleport to the lift-off aria.
Then live in a ball!
have fun.
The Server Team

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What is that ball!?!?

August 27, 2011
There have been strange sights in the sky. The Planets are aligning. and strange meteorites came to earth or are they from a different earth?
we will soon end the riddle and than you may see what amazing-niss the is server is.
stay on the server to find out
The Server Team

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July 27, 2011
we made it and are happy and proud to tell you that after a long wait we got the server back!
we are going to add addons and then we will release the IP.
if you have any questions or commants you may have contact with us anytime and we will respond as fast as possible.
hope to see you guys online
The Server Team

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